Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sun Beams: Little Victories

I've noticed that many of my postings tend to feel a little heavy and focus on the burdens and stresses that weigh on my weary mind. I don't want that to become the primary voice of this blog and would like to take the time to celebrate our Little Victories.

  1. On December 19th, while waiting for a transaction to be completed at Verizon, we noticed that Rae held and drank an entire 8 ounce HERSELF! That is quite the accomplishment considering we have been working with her for over three months just to get her to drink from a bottle much less hold it on her own. We were thrilled! I even took a picture so I could remember the moment. Yup, I'm one of those Mom's. *Say cheese!*
  2. In the last two weeks we have noticed an increase in her rolling over . Of course she isn't always thrilled when she rolls over, but she'll figure out she can roll back over eventually. I never knew rolling over was such an important building block of child development (until Rae didn't do it) and we hope it will soon lead to army crawling...maybe...I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
  3. Rae is back to sitting unsupported for longer than a minute! We actually reached just over a minute and a half during her therapy session this week!!  We were up to almost three minutes before Thanksgiving then she grew. Every time she has some growth spurt or feels under the weather she regresses a little. It's like playing chutes and ladders and we keep landing on the dang chute...Whee!
  4. She now has 16 teeth and is not afraid to use them! While I know this isn't a gross motor-skill milestone I am glad she has a mouth full of choppers. From the time she was 6 months till she was about 10 months it was the only thing I could really point to as a big "yippie" in our home. Other parents cooed over crawling, cruising, and walking...we had teeth. Beautiful, straight, white teeth.
  5. When being held, Rae has started holding onto the shirt of whoever is toting her around. Doesn't sound like much until you've carried 20 pounds of rag doll around for more than five minutes. She's becoming quite heavy and that tiny bit of assistance is more than welcomed.
  6. Her find motor skills are progressing nicely as we now have battles over picking the puzzle pieces out of her foam floor mat. I'll come into the living room and the frog no longer has eyes or the helicopter is missing its rotor blades. I swear I'm going to flip it upside down and duct tape it together.
  7. She is using her arms and hands as a form of expression/communication more often. Waving them around when she's happy, tapping them on her high chair tray when she wants "more," and every once in awhile she will sorta wave. The best one so far happened while I was singing "Little Bunny Foo-Foo" and she started bouncing her arm up and down along with mine. It was a wonderful moment for me and it hasn't happened since, but that one time was just what I needed.
  8. Rae has some sensory issues, for lack of better wording, and for whatever reason soft, furry toys that talk really upset her. For her birthday she received a shake and giggle Elmo from her Aunt & Uncle and (much to my relief) she LOVE's it! Prior to this bright red, giggling, muppet she would pull her arms back, scrunch up her face, whimper, tears gathering in the corner of her blue eyes, and shake in fear of anything furry that made noise. Her fear of talking stuffed animals has been overridden by her love of Elmo. Ahhhh...the power of Elmo! (la-la-lala...)

Some of these Little Victories are spread out over a month or more and that is just part of living in a Hypotonic World. Everything is done at Rae's pace and only she seems to know what speed that pace is set and when we may arrive to our next milestone. We are all just along for the ride, supporting her development, celebrating our Little Victories, and doing the best we can to not let the frustrations overshadow the joys of this journey.

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