Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mission "Eat"

I'm raising the white flag and conceding victory to my 21 month old daughter. Rae wins!

We are abandoning our campaign for the sign "More*" at meal times. We have tried to teach, encourage, bribe (fruit bars, toys, or animal crackers), and compromise with her (just tap the tray for Momma). We are now done (for the time being). The closest we ever got to seeing "More" was a tap or smack on her tray and even those were inconsistent. She can't bring her tiny digits together and ask me for "More."

Her arms aren't just weak. They are REALLY weak. Sometimes, when she's having a rough day, I might as well be holding an armful of cooked spaghetti noodles. So, in light of repeated failed attempts to solicite the sign "More" from Rae we have decided to work on something we think she can handle. The logic being... If she can pull a spoon to her mouth she can sign "Eat."

So, now we are moving forward with Plan B, or what I am dubbing, Mission "Eat."

Part of the special needs journey is learning to adapt to the abilities of your child and accept that what you think (read as hope) they can do and what they can actually do aren't always the same thing. Yes, I know this is also true for all parents out there, sometimes it just feels a little different. The average toddler (which technically Rae is considered a toddler even though she doesn't toddle) is quite capable of lifting their arms, pressing their fingers together, and tapping the tips to ask for "More." Rae, apparently, is least not yet anyways.

Here's to hoping Mission "Eat" doesn't end with another white flag waving in the breeze.

*for more on "More" read my previous post Doing More

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