Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My Love Hate Relationship with Rae's Corner Chair

I love Rae's corner chair!

Rae sitting with support from
Her sandbags. See how she is
tilting her head back.
It enables her to sit up straight. She is not able to lean into her "C" curve caused by Scoliosis. There is a tray from which she can eat or play with toys (most of which end up on the floor). It's on wheels so it can go anywhere in our home. It was loaned to us by our PT (which saved us from buying one to the tune of $500). When she sits in it, she is at the right height to watch her favorite cartoons (Curious George, Cat in the Hat, & Sid the Science Kid...basically anything on PBS) and doesn't have to tilt her head back to see. All in all, it helps her gain more strength in her trunk which will further her development.

But...here's the problem...

I HATE's Rae's corner chair!!!

I know, I know...after all those wonderful reasons to love the corner chair I still HATE it! I hate putting Rae into the bulky contraption. I hate that it is the only piece of special needs equipment we currently have in our home. Almost every time I look at it sitting in the corner of our living room I suppress the urge to toss it out into the yard or weep. I see that chair and I see how different our life is from what we hoped it would be. I HATE that chair for purely emotional reasons....logic be damned!

Rae sitting in her Baby Snug watching
PBS & rocking her glasses.
For months no one even knew that we had a corner chair because I silently refused to photograph Rae sitting in the dang thing (heck, I didn't even want to sit her in the chair and found every possible excuse not to). When I did start taking pictures, I refused to post them anywhere. I was in denial. If no one else see's it then it doesn't really exist. I pushed the chair into the farthest corner of our living room just so I don't see it when I look around the room. I become so frustrated strapping her into the chair because it's like fighting an octopus...she wants to eat the straps and mean ol' Mommy wants her to leave them alone (her arms, though weak, are very quick). This battle alone can motivate me to raise a white flag and/or reduce me to tears. I scoured the internet for other options (I bought a Mamas &Papas Baby Snug) that were more palatable to my tattered emotions. All for what??? A false sense of normalcy...that's what!

Now, here's where I become a mature, do what's best for your child, parent.

Rae with our PT playing with playdoh.

I put Rae in her corner chair. No matter how I feel about it on any particular day, I know it is what is best for her. I wish I could say I was more consistent and I sit her in the corner chair every day, but I don't. At least I'm trying and that's the best I can do. Sometimes that's the best any of us can do...just simply try. The corner chair is OUR normal and I am finally finding some peace with that.

Rae sitting pretty in her corner chair.


  1. I am so proud of you. You will always do what is best for Evie and you both are winners in my book. Emma

  2. She has come so far and has YOU to thank for it!! And remember, just because other people look normal, doesnt mean they are.