Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sun Beams: Adventures in Self Feeding

Whenever Rae is given the opportunity to feed herself she usually attacks her food with gusto. Her hands smear whatever culinary delight I tossed together all over her high chair tray (or the restaurant table/floor...don't judge...I don't have to clean up the mess). Self feeding takes great effort on her part. Her fine motor skills are not yet refined and we recently found out she has some swallowing issues. That being said, I have to admit I laugh quite a bit watching her cram asparagus, broccoli, roast beef, chicken and/or noodles into her mouth. So, without further ado I present...

Rae's Adventures in Self Feeding:

This is an earlier video & it was amusing watching her little hands chase blueberries all over her tray.

 We order Chinese and have a girls night with Mimi
whenever Daddy goes away for business,.
This girl loves her lo mein noodles!

Rae may not appear as enthusiastic about eating roast beef, but I assure you
she was mad about it and did not want to stop. We had to take the bun away
because it was creating a gummy mess on the roof of her mouth.

I must admit, I also suffer from some texture issues and having to pick Rae up after
a self feeding session involving buttered noodles is NOT my idea of fun.

See all those slippery noodles piled onto her tummy! Ick! 
They were everywhere including inside her diaper! 
I held her out in front of my body (heaven forbid her greasy body touches my shirt)
and made a b-line to the tub!

This girl loves her asparagus!

While I may not enjoy picking up (shudder) my buttered Lil' Foodie after one of her adventures, 
I know it is one activity she truly enjoys.

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