Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Crafts: Painting Wall Art

After two and a half years, I finally finished a painting (I used that term loosely...I am not a painter) I started for Rae's room. I remember sitting up in bed with a sketch pad laying on my pregnant belly and doodling a minimalist version of a butterfly. I kept repeating the same three or four lines over and over again until I felt I worked out the "design." Then I worked out how I wanted the lettering to look, which would be similar to the butterfly, but not exact.

Once the design idea was worked out, I dug out all the jars of sample paint we bought when we were picking colors for our home and selected: Bold Sangria, River Mist, Baby Girl Pink, and Downy. I have several jars of sample paint laying around the house and decided to be resourceful and use them...great way to incorporate all your colors into one piece of art by the way. Then I transferred my sketch, as best as I could, to a canvas and proceeded to paint in small, hesitant strokes. The whole time I was petrified that I would mess it up and have to start over (thus wasting a perfectly good canvas). But almost as quickly as I started, the painting was finished and wasn't terrible, but I still wasn't 100% satisfied...something was missing.

The project sat in a closet for two years. Waiting for those finishing touches. Begging to be hung. Another unfinished project taking up space and mocking me every time I moved it from one shelf to another. Well, this week I decided to finish my painting. I knew what it was missing (GLITTER! After all it is for a little girls room) and I just needed to repaint the individual sections, shake on the corresponding glitter, and the coat it with a sealant so the glitter wouldn't fall off. I used a glossy finish because the paint samples were matte.

I'd love to show you the finished project in its entirety, but Rae is not my daughters actual first name and that is what I painted onto the canvas. However, I will show you a close up shot so you can get a general idea.

Remember, it's never too late to knock the dust off of some of those unfinished projects and feel satisfaction over finally completing them!

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