Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Technologically Challenged

I love using technology (who doesn't right), but I am terrible when trying to figure out anything do with with widgets, html, javascript, codes, etc... You name it and I will most definitely be lost, a tad confused, and then so frustrated that I walk off to do some laundry or bake something (now there's something I totally understand). I just don't understand the language!

Today, like many days before this, I almost gave up trying to figure out how to add a widget to my blog. The widget is for the YouCaring site I set up to help raise funds to build Rae's wheelchair ramp. My attempts at finding help through the "help" searches on Blogger proved futile...everything was written in such a complicated manner (would it be too much to ask for pictures?) it is no wonder my poor brain got confused. I was a History student for pete's sake not CIS! I posted about my lack of technical savvy and two women quickly came to the rescue! (Thanks Sharon and Nyssa...I honestly couldn't have done it with out your help) I promise I am not a complete ditz.

In short, (shocking I know) the widget is up and active and now that I know how to add widgets (which doesn't require me to enter complicated codes that I don't understand) I will probably be widget happy for the next couple of weeks!


  1. I am so glad I am not the only one who is tech-so-not-savvy!

    1. I'm always too afraid I'll mess something up so I just stop trying to "tweak" the blog.

  2. im not so technology savvy as well. i just figured how to delete blogs who i no longer read.