Friday, August 23, 2013

Calendar Girl

I used to aspire to be a photographer that traveled the world and captured those "unseen" moments that many people miss (you have to be very patient). I like capturing those moments.

I am not a traveling photographer. Heck, anymore I barely even call myself a photographer (my family would argue that point with me). My life went in another direction. I still travel, but usually really short distances like to the doctors or to visit family up north.

However, I do still LOVE photography and when Rae was very little (seems so long ago), I started a series (which I never finished) for a calendar. Every month I picked a theme and took pictures of Rae.

January 2011: New Year Baby

February 2011: Little Cupid

March 2011: Catching the Rainbow

April 2011: April Showers
(I was thinking April showers brings May flowers)

May 2011: Brings May Flowers


I never made it past April, but these are still some of my favorite photographs I took of Rae. The last two photographs were inspired by another Mom named Adele who writes a blog called Mila's Daydreams (she also has a book). Until I saw the images she created of her daughter I felt despair. How was I going to photograph all those images I dreamed up during my pregnancy when Rae couldn't sit or stand? Adele gave me another way perspectives for those aerial view.

I encourage you all to take a crack at this kind of photography with your babies. It is fun and produces some imaginative images. If you don't believe me check out the fan art Adele inspired other parents to create. For an added bonus, you can do the photos while they are sleeping which is sometimes SO much easier.