Friday, October 11, 2013

One to Grow On

Did anyone else get birthday spankings? The kind where everyone lines up to playfully swat your behind and laugh at your protests and/or embarrassment. I can remember such occasions, but it stopped many, many years ago. I don't think anyone really liked this particular birthday celebration fun torture, but what I do like though is, "one to grow on." It's like a stinging promise that you'll get another year (and maybe your family/friends will get to give you a few more swats). While we didn't give Rae a birthday spanking this year (not ever gonna happen), we sure are praying for "one to grow on."

We kept her birthday celebration simple this year and only had family come to the house for dinner and cake. Rae tore though her presents (with a little assistance) and daddy helped her blow out her glittering pink #3 candle. Muncle and his family were able to join in the festivities via Skype which made the evening even more special. As usual, I took plenty of pictures...

For any birthday celebration you HAVE to have balloons!
Added bonus, Rae likes to use her hand to hit them (it counts as therapy...right?).

Talking with her Muncle and cousins.

See how happy she is talking to them!

Time to make a birthday wish!!!

Of course you have to have presents on your birthday!

It's Trolley!!!
(Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood)

It's Wall-E! Thank you Ms. Shana!

It had to pass the taste test.

A new winter coat from Aunt Nancy and a tooth fairy pillow!

Time for a check-up!

A new book for all those trips in the car!

She LOVED the cake, but wasn't so sure about the raspberry first!

Even Moo-Shu indulged her sweet tooth.

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