Sunday, April 13, 2014

Momma Said Knock You Out


When I first heard of my friend's boxing gym (Boxing Bunnies) I thought, "I might enjoy that." But I was very hesitant. I still had Evie at home full time, logistics just seemed insurmountable, and what if I looked ridiculous (at times I'm sure I do). I told myself, "Wait until she is in school." And that is exactly what I did…I waited. Then it was time to put up or shut up.

I took the leap in January and committed to two months of unlimited classes. I told myself I would go at least twice a week and as time progressed I would increase my workouts (I am now up to three classes a week). During my first class I felt a bit intimidated. There were women there that had obviously been coming for quite some time (seriously, some of them are beasts on a heavy bag). I felt like I just couldn't keep up. But I was not willing to turn in my boxing gloves just yet.

You see, I have some pretty strong motivations for pushing through the pain. I need to be stronger and healthier in order to care for Evie. She needs me. If I am not there for her, then who is going to be there? I also needed an outlet for my anger. Watching my baby girl struggle to do the simplest of tasks makes me so angry. It was festering inside like a cancer. I stopped feeling joyful. I stopped finding things humorous. I stopped being me. Sure, I could plaster on a smile and fake it well enough when I needed to, but those closest to us knew I was slipping away into a world without hope. Ann Marie and my fellow Bunnies became one of my life savers (the other one is a topic for another day).

The workouts are intense, our trainer is an evil monster at times, but we always have fun and we are always supportive and encouraging. Don't feel comfortable doing Hello Dolly's? No problem we'll work out a modification that will work for you, but keep trying because you'll get there (barring you have a physical complication that makes it impossible).

While I was initially intimidated by those feminine beasts beating those bags, I was also inspired to get to where they were. I was not going to be satisfied just getting through my workouts. I wanted to knock them out! It was a competition against myself to be better than I was during the previous workouts. And it is working.

  • I can hold a plank for 60 second (not every time, but I'm getting there).
  • I can do at least 10 push ups (on my knees) in a row and not feel like I am going to die.
  • I have a pretty decent right hook.
  • My arms and calves are starting to get some definition.
  • My knees don't hurt as much as they did before I started boxing (except for a recent case of tendinitis).
  • I can do a burpee!!!
  • I spar and have taken a few good shots to my well protected head.
  • I also learned how to braid my own hair.
  • And I swear my butt looks better (but it could be in my head).
I didn't measure or weigh myself the first two months. That was not my goal (but it is a perk) so it was not important. However, at the beginning of March, I measured myself and by the beginning of April, I was down an entire inch around my chest, half an inch in my waist, and a quarter of an inch in my hips. My clothes fit better (in fact some are too baggy). People have been noticing that I look slimmer (Woo-Hoo!) I'm happier and feel more balanced. I have more confidence in myself. I honestly feel like if I set my mind to something I am going to do it!

That confidence has led me to decide that I CAN (and will) run a half marathon in honor of my daughter. Over the last four months I have built up my endurance, my strength, and my determination to cross that finish line at the Disney Princess Half Marathon*.

*Team Evie already has a group on Facebook to keep people up to date on my progress, fund raising (my personal goal is $5,500K), and information on how you too can help us in our quest to cure Rett Syndrome by joining team GP2C at the Disney Princess Half Marathon in 2015! You don't have to run to help make a difference.

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