Monday, July 28, 2014

Rae's Book Review: Just Because

I happened upon a book a few weeks ago. A small, unassuming book tucked away in the children's section of my local Barnes & Nobles. I can't even tell you what compelled me to pick this book off the shelf, but the moment I read the first page I knew it found a home in my heart and on Evie's bookshelf. I walked to the counter, clutching this book to my chest, overjoyed that I finally found a book that represents Evie perfectly.

Just Because was written and illustrated by Rebecca Elliot. It is inspired by her children Clemmie, who has severe special needs, and her little brother Toby. On the first page, Toby introduces us to his big sister, saying she is his best friend. He then informs us that, "She can't walk, talk, move around much…," and he doesn't know why. "Just because." Such a simple, no nonsense statement.

As Toby continues to talk about his relationship with Clemmie, it becomes even more endearing and I swear Rebecca could have been writing this about my daughter (only without the sibling).

Clemmie is a lot like a princess (so is our Evie).

She makes sweet noises and funny faces
which make Toby laugh (so does Evie). 

She has an great chair (just like Evie).

She has enormous hair and hates her hair being brushed.
(Evie has complete meltdowns when I brush her hair)

Just like Toby, I know why I love Evie. Just because.

I discovered that this is the first of two books about Clemmie and Toby! They return in another book titled Sometimes and they find themselves in the hospital making the best of a not so great situation and helping each other overcome their fears. You can find both books on


  1. Such a lovely review, thank you! So glad you and Evie like my book - I'll let Toby and Clemmie know. Rebecca xx

    1. I was so excited to see there was a second book! It has been so difficult to find a children's book that represented her and yours is just amazing. Thank you so much for popping over to my blog.