Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Growing a Girl Scout...Get Your Cookies Here!

Evie is officially a Daisy. We joined a local Girl Scout troop that her best friend is a member of and it has brought another layer of chaos to our schedule, but it has also brought her another social outlet with peers her age. At our last meeting the girls learned what makes Evie laugh (coughs and sneezes) and enjoyed making her giggle at their antics (it sounded like everyone had a cold). It's a good thing.

She is selling cookies, attending meetings, and this weekend she will be a part of her first Girl Scout activity, "Let's Grow" World Thinking Day. We will be exploring tables set up by other local troops and each one will feature a different country. Our troop will be sharing information about France and making crepes (I'm in charge of whipped cream).

Would it be easier to keep her home? Sure. But what fun is that. We are committed to helping her live a full life complete with enriching experiences and exciting adventures. I don't think I would have considered signing her up a year ago, but after one night with a troop and a little encouragement from a friend we jumped in. There are many obstacles to overcome for both of us (what's new) and we will troubleshoot them as they come. She can definitely go camping, but white water rafting is off the table (maybe a canoe...we'll see).

The Girl Scouts welcome ALL girls. That includes Evie and every little girl that is similar to her. It takes a little extra effort, but for us it is worth it. Now if only we can make sure she stays awake during the entire meeting.

If you'd like to help Evie reach her cookie sales goal please place your order on her site:

Her troop has voted to spend the night at the local zoo and learn about the animals there. Their second option will allow them to pet and feed dolphins. These are great experiences for young girls and thank you in advance for your support!

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