Friday, July 12, 2013

Rett Syndrome Awareness: Sock Monkey Style

One of the first toys that Rae really responded to was a brown stuffed animal monkey. We were cruising around Babies R Us, just killing some time, when I first saw Moe-Moe (his nickname). I picked him up and showed him to Rae. She laughed! She actually cracked a tiny grin and laughed!! I had to buy him...what else could I do? I was completely helpless against that audible joy. Since then there has been no turning back. We have monkeys coming out of our ears!

I eventually bought a second Moe-Moe because the first one was being so well loved that he needed a vacation. Now they take turns playing and comforting Rae (we never go to the hospital without Moe-Moe). In addition to Moe-Moe & Moe-Moe Jr., we also have three HUGE Schweetheart apes by TY, a Dexter monkey (also by TY), monkey clothes, and other assorted toys. We found something she was interested in and we ran with it.

So, when an image similar to the one below popped up on my Facebook newsfeed, I immediately sent an email to Sew Loved Sock Monkeys asking how I can acquire Rae's next monkey!

This handmade sock monkey will be joining our little monkey family in a week or so (she's traveling all the way from the UK) and I'm sure she will be a welcomed (and well loved) addition. We haven't given her a name yet. Any suggestions?

If you'd like to find out about "rehoming" a sock monkey check out: Sew Loved Sock Monkeys

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