Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Disney Princess Half Marathon & GP2C

Princess Rae
Several years ago, I lost A LOT of weight. After I lost the majority of my excess weight, I started dreaming that I was a runner. I could hear my feet pounding the pavement beneath them. I could feel my hair swishing back and forth brushing my neck. I could smell the salty marsh mingling with the fresh air while rhythmically breathing in and out (I have very vivid dreams). I woke up inspired! I bought appropriate running attire & good running shoes. I loaded up my iPod with upbeat music to push me further during each run. I was ready!

Then I twisted my ankle. It took FOREVER to heal. When it finally started to get better I twisted it again (guess I'm a klutz). My running was abruptly halted. Years went by and my running shoes became lawn mowing shoes. My shorts became clothes I wore to clean the house. My iPod sits on a shelf in my office collecting dust. At 27, I learned that I have arthritis in both of my knees, my lower spine, and my hips. Combine this with bone loss and none of my doctors advise that I take up running ever again. It will wreak havoc on my joints. I can briskly walk, ride a bike, or swim.

Now at the age of 32, the desire to run again (against doctor advisement) started bubbling up once more. I feel that even with my various ailments they are nothing compared to what my daughter is living with on a daily basis. Rae might never walk, much less run. The least I could do (or try to do) is run for her. My biggest risk is causing more damage to my joints which could complicate my ability to care for her physical needs long run.

This is where our heroine (yes, that is what you are) comes into the picture. Ria, my sister by choice and in Christ, has offered to run for Rae...for both of us really. I feel so blessed to have her and her family in our lives and so thankful that she is willing put effort into training to run for Rae.

Ria & Family

Ria has already registered with Disney Princess Half Marathon and with GP2C. Her goal is $750, but I think we can do better than $750. Correction, I know we can do better than $750!! My goal is $1000. All donations MUST be in before Feb 1st. This is for a great cause and every penny counts. The runners are raising money to help find a cure for Rett Syndrome. Please help us by helping them!

Here's the link to her donation page:

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