Monday, September 16, 2013

Mini Mozart

Things have been so crazy lately that I keep forgetting to share some of the awesome stuff that happens at our home. Time to play catch up...

Rae was giving a piano by her honorary grandma Robin. We were elated! She loves playing the piano. In fact we have two iPad apps, one toy piano that teaches colors/numbers, and one mini pink upright piano already. Being given a full size upright piano was the cherry on top of the sundae. Rae is able to sit in her wheelchair and push the ivory keys till her hearts content.

This is especially important for a couple of reasons:

1. She is completely engaged. When she is happy her touch is soft and gentle. When she is upset she bangs on them with all her might while sputtering baby curse words.

2. It motivates her to use her hands! This is critical for Rett girls because many lose purposeful use of their hands. As long as she will reach out to tickle those ivories then I'm going to encourage and enable her to do so.

3. Rae loves making music!

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