Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

I know I haven't written to you in many years, but I never truly stopped believing in the magic you bring this time of year. Now that I have a daughter (Rae) of my own, I look forward to helping her leave you cookies and milk on Christmas Eve and waking her up to the gifts you leave under our tree. I have a few simples items on my Christmas list...really the items are for Rae, not me. They may not seem like a lot of fun like the toys you usually bring, but they will help her grow and develop in the coming year (not to mention some of them will also help her during therapy). These are just a few suggestions and I know you can't bring them all, but even one of these items could be a BIG help.

To make it easier, I made a picture list:

A corner chair with table top.
If you know any local Elves that can help make this that would be great!

3 or 4 Sensory brushes.

Foam Alphabet Floor Squares (5/8" thick)

LeapFrog Magnetic Farm Animal Set

Melissa and Doug Puzzles w/large knobs.

Poppin' Pal's

A Peanut Ball (small).

I don't ask for any material things for myself because, while I may "want" a Nook or new handbag, I don't "need" anything. What I am asking (and praying) for is more patience with Rae during therapy and mealtimes, better understanding of her needs, doctors that will tell me the truth even if they know it hurts, insurance companies and medical billing departments that will do everything they can to help lighten our financial obligation of Rae's medical bills,  and continued progress. Oh and if it isn't too much to ask for...I'd really like some answers.


Rae's Mom

P.S. I hope you like Snickerdoodles!

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