Friday, February 24, 2012

A Boring Pregnancy

My doctor warned me to never tell another pregnant woman about my boring pregnancy. Every visit it was almost the same conversation...
2 weeks from due date.
Dr. S: "Any sickness, discomfort, concerns?" 
Me: "Nope. I haven't been sick at all. I eat what I want. I don't feel uncomfortable. In fact I mowed our back yard this week (I was 7 months pregnant). Is that ok? My husband is worried I'm doing too much." 
Dr. S: "Riding mower or push mower?:
Me: "Push." (how is that relevant?
Dr. S: "Sure, as long as you take breaks and keep hydrated. It's good exercise. What about concerns?" 
Me: "None. I wish she would move more (maybe that was a clue), but other than that I'm good. It's been a pretty boring pregnancy"
Dr. S: "Every pregnancy is different. Some babies move more than others. She appears to be growing fine. Boring pregnancies are good. Just don't tell other women, they'll hate you." 
Me: "Oh...ok. Thanks. See ya in two weeks." (Why would they hate me?)
So, I truly felt confident in my pregnancy and enjoyed every minute of my growing baby bump. That's not to say that I didn't get tired or grumpy. I did have a difficult time finding a comfortable position in which to sleep and was often either too hot or too cold. I worried about her movement and drove my husband mad because I would start fretting if, after five minutes, I didn't feel her shift around. He'd see me poking my bump and shoving Rae from side to side in an attempt to solicit movement. Most of the time she ignored me. I'd tell her she was acting like her Dad and then I'd pout. Every once in awhile my efforts were rewarded with a sound kick which only encouraged me to poke at her some more. Poor baby.

Rae was my first pregnancy and probably my only, but that's a different story. It was new and exciting. I wanted to cherish the alone time with her because I knew once she arrived I'd have to share her with everyone else. I had pictures taken, gained about 45 pounds (I'm about 5'9" so it wasn't too bad), had high blood pressure once (when we were making the decision to have a C-Section), push mowed the lawn, decorated Rae's room (with help), ate berries till I was ready to explode (a love that apparently passed on to Rae), and baked like a mad women. I'm pretty sure the guys that work with my husband gained a few "sympathy" pounds due to the amount of sweets I sent to them. It was a wonderful, exciting, boring pregnancy and I relished every moment.

Moo-Shu helping get ready for Rae.

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  1. What a sweet time. You were a boring pregnancy too - but not a moment since! MOM