Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Making Cookies

I love to bake. That's kind of an understatement. I REALLY LOVE to bake! Most people know me for my banana bread (I'm up to about 8+ variations), but I enjoy baking just about anything. I always looked forward to teaching my children how to bake. The floor and counter being dusted with flour. Too much salt being added to the batter forcing us to make more then intended (the horror). The excitement on their faces while they impatiently wait for their treats to come out of the oven. Encouraging them to give something they made to others (who doesn't love edible gifts). Teaching them that as long as it tastes delicious then it doesn't matter if it doesn't look perfect and if it doesn't taste that yummy we just tweak the recipe and try again (I've transformed a few so-so layer cakes into great punch bowl cakes...and honestly, I still get a little antsy if it isn't just right...my inner perfectionist is a beast!). Watching as their confidence grows with each new recipe mastered. These are some of the memories I cherish and lessons I learned from my mother while standing by her side in our kitchen.

Rae is not able to bake (not without some assistance).

That broke my heart.

The downside: I'm still healing from that harsh reality.

The upside: I found a way to cope.

While surfing Pinterest, I came across recipes for Cookie Dough Bites and it was eggless. I LOVE cookie dough! In my 30+ years on earth I have eaten my fair share (probably more than) and I didn't (and still don't) care if it had eggs or not. I haven't gotten deathly ill from eating egg riddled cookie dough (or any other dough for that matter). But I thought this might work for another idea I had so I pinned it to my Sweet Tooth board and moved on to the next pin.

Months ticked by...

I started trying to figure out how to share my love of baking with Rae and I knew there were a few obstacles in our way.

  1. Rae doesn't use her arms well so we will have to help her mix the batter.
  2. Rae likes to put EVERYTHING into her mouth so it will have to be something safe for her to eat. (just because I eat eggy cookie dough doesn't mean she can)
The pin from months ago came to mind and it was the answer to my dilemma. Only 5 ingredients, I could pre-mix it just a bit, and no eggs! It was perfect. I told our OT that during her next session we were going to make cookie dough and she was thrilled (she loves making a mess).

It wasn't baking in the traditional sense of the word, but it works for us and has some great sensory benefits for Rae. I'm pretty sure this won't be the last time Rae and I make cookies together. In fact, I've already found a recipe for eggless peanut butter bites!


  1. Hi...I just found your blog. I'm not sure how I stumbled upon it. I have a daughter with multiple issues, including hypotonia. She hasn't been diagnosed with anything specific (yet). We just saw a neurogeneticist who believes she might have something in the Retts/Angelman family, as she displays the same type of movement patterns.

    I was wondering if we could communicate more. I read your blog about how you handle your daughter's meltdowns. I totally relate!



    1. Karen,

      Did you receive the email I sent to you yesterday? I will resend it just in case.

  2. I will have to try this with Emily!