Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sun Beams: More Little Victories

We have a couple of exciting developments to share...

Two weeks ago, while reading Goodnight Moon to Rae, I noticed that she started helping me turn the pages, which is a great improvement over trying to eat the pages. I couldn't wait to show her PT.

Then this past week, while my Franklin and his, then girlfriend, Rae (now fiance, Yippie!) were visiting she taught our Rae how to "high-five." This nearly brought me to tears because it's the first hand gesture that she's done and it's been consistent (four days in a row and counting).

I still tear up thinking about those precious "high-fives" and how long I've waited to see her use her hands. We're so grateful for these little victories because they keep us focused on all the progress Rae has made and the progress we know will come in time.

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