Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Healthier Stronger Me

Since I do all the grocery shopping and prepare the majority of our meals, I guess the buck on healthier eating stops here. I don't want to own up to that...ever...but I must! It isn't easy trying to make lifestyle changes when your life is constantly...well...changing. Everyday is a little different than the day before and tomorrow will be different from today. Sure some things are pretty much a guarantee like PT on Monday, ST on Tuesday, OT on Wednesday, and a second session of ST on Thursday. Fortunately, two of these session are in our home, but our PT is allergic to cats and we have three so that comes with it's own uphill battle (seriously, I chase hairballs around with my vacuum for at least 5 minutes if I'm only doing two rooms and the kitties are put on lockdown).

In between those guaranteed appointments we have to juggle:
  • going to & from forgotten appointments made months ago or last minute emergency appointments.
  • calling our insurance company & doctors about billing questions or coverage
  • researching assistance programs, medical diagnosis, medications, & alternative therapies
  • cleaning heaps of laundry, stacks of dishes, & ever present cat hair
  • random nap times (she never goes down at the same time no matter how hard I try to get her on a schedule and lately wants to take a nap around 7pm!)
  • administering anti-seizure medicine twice a day (plus vitamins, fish oil, nasal spray, and pro-biotics...times 2 because I have my own vitamin cocktail to swallow)
  • attempting to get Rae to drink 3 bottles each day
  • feeding Rae 3 meals (which occasionally means a pediasure...two birds one stone...score!)
  • bathing Rae & brushing her teeth (basically all things hygiene related...some daily...others not...oh and I have to shower and brush my teeth too!)
  • battling Rae's strong dislike of having her hair done (which can end up with me looking like a pro wrestler holding an opponent in a head lock or her looking like she has perpetual bed head)
  • multiple mini sessions of all three therapies, conducted by me, in between her scheduled therapies
  • paying bills/sorting mail/running errands/picking up the trail of stuff we leave all over the house
  • trying to maintain my own sanity by spending time with friends (face to face or online)
  • carving out "quality time" with my husband or finding some alone time (hahaha...that usually means a shower)
  • working on long overdue projects (who doesn't have a pile of those?)
  • and last by not least...feeding myself and making dinner (and lots of banana bread)
I admit, Rae eats ALOT healthier than my husband and I do. She doesn't drink soda or sweet tea and her juice (40% less sugar) is almost always cut in half with water. The majority of her baby foods are organic (yes, we're still feeding her baby foods because of her difficulty chewing and aspirating liquids). She rarely eats anything from a fast food restaurant with the exception of Taco Bell Mexican pizzas (something I'm going to try to make at home next week); which, I am going to attribute to my obsession with them during my entire pregnancy (every week on Thursday...the drive thru worker knew it was us before we even made it to the window). We have yet to meet a food that she won't consume...or a t-shirt for that matter.

Now, I find myself being convicted about how often I neglect my own care...physically speaking. I don't eat proper meals (I usually skip breakfast and just drink coffee). There is a lack fruits and veggies and the use of more processed foods than I care to admit. I'm not the best about exercising...I do try to walk once or twice a week and recently started biking with Rae in tow. I like to keep meals for myself simple and my go to's are usually microwave dinners (quick, cheap, and some of them are quite tasty). But, that doesn't really help me over all.

In order to take care of Rae, I HAVE to take care of myself. That means making better food choices, getting some exercise, and taking my doctor a bit more seriously. So, I am attempting to turn over a new leaf and take care of all of me...mind, body, and soul. I'm not yet sure how I'm going to work it into our routine (like I actually have one <derisive snort>), but I know it will involve many small baby steps towards the ultimate goal...a better, stronger, healthier me.


  1. We can do this Candice, one small change at a time!

    And I just explored your blog a bit- we have lots in common! And your sweet Rae is beautiful!

  2. also, I pinned that ecard. I also refuse to use the word 'diet.'

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