Friday, January 18, 2013

Sun Beams: Holding Hands

Happy New Year!!!

Yes, I know it has been weeks since we rang in the new year, but Rae has had pneumonia and I've been otherwise occupied. This year we decided to spend the evening at our local zoo. From Dec. 14th through the 31st the zoo opened for the first annual "Night of Lights." I have been searching for something we could do as a family and this sounded perfect. Lights were everywhere! We saw...

A Herd of Blue Elephants
(aren't they supposed to be pink?)
Leaping Frogs
A Beastly Gorilla
A Flock of Pink Flamingos
A Fierce Lion
A Stunning Peacock
and Flying Fish

But my favorite display that evening was this...

Rae holding my finger while we walked.

I couldn't imagine a better way to start the new year!
I wish you all a new year filled with all of life's tiny joys!

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