Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Riding in the Sun...Finally!

Awhile back, we bought a bike trailer for Rae. I was stoked because I purchased it for 50% off of the regular retail price. It symbolized some level of freedom for me. Then Rae got sick, we went to Atlanta, the holidays came (and went), I got sick, Rae got sick again, and the weather has been fickle. Finally, we got a brief break and were able to take our first ride!

My riding buddy! 

What's that and can I get it into my mouth?

She was way more interested in the straps that were keeping her upright and kept trying to get them into her mouth.  During the course of our ride, she fell to the side twice and I had to stop and make adjustments to her support system (another pillow or two might just do the trick).

I also learned that our flat street is not so flat after all and I underestimated how much more challenging it would be to ride a bike while towing an extra 40 pounds! That and I need a new (wider, better cushioned) bike seat. My butt was killing me! It is evident that I need to be a tad more disciplined when it come to exercising.

All in all, the bike ride was a success...if you don't count Rae hanging over in her harness...and I hope to do it again (after I get over being sick...again!)

Mommy are we done yet?

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