Thursday, January 17, 2013

There and Back Again: The Last Stage

The evening before the biopsy we stayed at my brother's condo in downtown Atlanta. In all the years we have been traveling through Atlanta, we have never actually been downtown (except once when Mom and I got off on the wrong exit...Eek!...this was before Garmin's). His condo was right by the Georgia Aquarium, Centennial Olympic Park, and the World of Coca-Cola (we did not go to a single one of these). Since it was after Thanksgiving, the park was twinkling with Christmas decorations. It was breathtaking (so cliche right?) when seen from fourteen stories up. The skyline was beautiful and I couldn't resist taking pictures (just playing around) off of his balcony.

Since we had to be at the surgical center at 7:30 (and we still had to find something to eat before we arrived), we decided to get up around 4:30am and leave by 6 (at the latest). Our butts were dragging! First on the agenda: find the surgical center (check). Second: Find food! (Houston, we have a problem!) I was warned before hand that there was no cafe or anything at this surgical center; however, we could bring food with us. I thought finding something would be easy...boy was I wrong! Everything probably would have gone smoother if it wasn't for two itty-bitty problems...I am a stress eater and Jacob is a stress smoker (he is only allowed to smoke in his car). So, with Rae passed out in her car seat, I searched for fast food joints near the surgical center using "Around Me" (that was a nightmare...never again I tell ya! I'm sticking with Urban Spoon!) while Jacob listened to the Garmin.

Rae with Aunt Angie.
It took us forever to find a fast food place that was open for breakfast (oddly enough Arby's was open...didn't know they served breakfast). After much debate, gnashing of teeth, several exchanges of sharp words, we finally stumbled upon Einstein Bros Bagels! I was stoked and hopped out to get some much needed munchies. I skipped back to the van clutching a bag containing a sausage, egg & cheese bagel and a blueberry scone (later, I was sadly disappointed in the sammie...but found comfort in the tasty scone). Jacob didn't want anything (I bought him something anyway...just in case). Now we were prepared. We knew where we were going and I had stress relief in a bag...let's do this!

I'm not going to bore you with the check-in process (we've all been there). Just know, I paid my agreed upon price and went about my merry way (after making "arrangements" for the balance).

It always feels like time slows to a crawl whenever something stressful is happening. Every tick of the second hand loudly reverberates...Tick...Tick...Tick. We met the anesthesiologist (the one that had to get paid). We met a few nurses, watched a few cartoons, and I softly told Evie her favorite story (I Like Myself). She fell asleep in my arms. When they came to take her into the back and prep her for surgery (basically poke her with needles and knock her out), I didn't want to let her go. It was so hard to let her go. But, we had we did. We watched the nurse carry her down the hall and out of our sight.

If I thought time moved slowly before they took her back it was nothing compared to its molasses like movement during the procedure. We were both restless. I almost immediately started eating my disappointing sandwich and Jacob dashed outside (he would not leave her). I played with Rae's iPad, flipped through a magazine, sent a few text messages, but nothing kept me occupied for long. Every time the double doors swung open I nearly leapt out of the chair from hope and fright (this continued for a couple of hours). The nurses kept us updated and when the procedure was over the surgeon came out to give us a stellar report. Everything went fine, but she's having some difficulty coming out of the anesthesia (not a surprise...that was a major concern for me). Eventually, the doors swung open and it was our baby girl, still asleep, breathing, bundled up, and wearing an oxygen mask.

Kisses from Daddy.

My nerves were still not assuaged. I wanted to crawl onto the bed with her. Cradle her. Hold her to my chest and feel her breathing. None of this was possible. The bed was too small and she was still hooked up to a couple of machines. The closest I could come to achieving my hearts desire (at that moment) was to sit on the end of the skinny hospital bed. I gladly did just that. I rubbed her feet. Spoke to her. Touched her hair. Inspected her new boo-boo's and waited (...more waiting...). It felt like decades had passed before her long lashes started to flutter. She was finally waking up! It was over! We made if over this hurdle! Now we do some more waiting...

Rae (post-op) and Xavier watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
I dont' think he was thrilled that she confiscated his TV.

*This is the fourth and final installment of "There and Back Again." Click: One, Two, or Three to read the previous posts or to see the incision from her muscle biopsy click here. Even though we are still waiting to for the biopsy results, I feel that this is the best conclusion to our trip to Atlanta. The results will be their own story for a later time. Thank you for taking the time to read about our journey.

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